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NY state, upstate police could fill in as COVID-19 sweeps through NYPD

City and state officials said officers from upstate communities and state agencies can fill in if the sick rate within the NYPD endangers public safety…

Posted on 2 April 2020 | 8:32 am

LA sheriff, county clash over retroactive pay for deputies ordered to quarantine

Sheriff Alex Villanueva asked for retroactive pay for offers who had to dip into their personal sick leave; county officials said he was 'picking a political fight'…

Posted on 2 April 2020 | 6:47 am

NJ prosecutor: Cops can’t require COVID-19 patients to self-identfy

Several law enforcement agencies have advised residents with COVID-19 to post notices on their homes…

Posted on 2 April 2020 | 6:35 am

Lawmaker to propose federal tax holiday for first responders

Rep. Bill Huizenga plans to introduce a bill that would allow for a three-month tax holiday modeled after tax relief for active military…

Posted on 2 April 2020 | 6:31 am

Residents worldwide call police on businesses, neighbors amid COVID-19 shutdowns

Police are arresting and citing business owners for violating orders shuttering all nonessential businesses…

Posted on 2 April 2020 | 6:19 am

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Shenzhen becomes first Chinese city to ban eating cats and dogs

The ruling is a tougher version of China's ban of wildlife meat, after it was linked to the virus.

Posted on 2 April 2020 | 7:54 am

Army attack helicopters teamed up with Navy ships to practice holding enemies 'at high risk' in the Middle East

The operations were designed to enhance the capabilities of US forces to respond to surface threats.

Posted on 2 April 2020 | 6:33 am

Trump news – live: US hits record high 6.6m unemployment claims and coronavirus death toll tops 5,000 as president mocks governors’ ‘insatiable appetite’ for ventilators

US unemployment figures have again shattered records, with 6.6 million Americans filing for benefits as the coronavirus pandemic brings society to a grinding halt and threatens economic collapse.Donal…

Posted on 2 April 2020 | 6:21 am

A right-wing network beloved by Trump has been banned from White House briefings for violating social-distancing restrictions

OANN reporter Chanel Rion showed up to the briefings despite not being on the attendance list, breaking the White House's social-distancing rules.

Posted on 2 April 2020 | 6:02 am

Great Recession showed countries can’t fight the coronavirus economic crisis alone

Trade represents close to 60% of world GDP, and national economies can't thrive in isolation. We needed a global response in 2008 and we need one now.

Posted on 2 April 2020 | 6:00 am




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