Predicate offenses taken from Supreme Court of Ohio.


Various traffic misdemeanors carry a higher penalty on subsequent offense(s). As a shorthand, the bill defines “predicate motor vehicle or traffic offense” in 4511.01(III). The definition includes these State offenses as well as equivalent municipal ordinances:


§4511.03 Emergency vehicles proceed cautiously past signals

§4511.051 Pedestrians and slow moving vehicles on freeways

§4511.12 Obeying traffic control devices

§4511.132 Duties when approaching nonfunctioning signals

§4511.16 Unauthorized signs or signals

§4511.20 Willful or wanton disregard for safety on highways

§4511.201 Willful or wanton disregard for safety elsewhere

§4511.21 Speed limits*

§4511.211 Speeding on private roads*

§4511.22 Stopping or slow speed

§4511.23 Speed regulations on bridges

§4511.25 Lanes of travel upon roadways

§4511.26 Vehicles proceeding in opposite directions

§4511.27 Overtaking and passing of vehicles

§4511.28 Overtaking and passing on the right

§4511.29 Driving to the left of center in passing

§4511.30 Driving to the left of center

§4511.31 Hazardous zones

§4511.32 One way highways and rotary traffic islands

§4511.33 Driving in marked lanes

§4511.34 Space between moving vehicles

§4511.35 Divided roadways

§4511.36 Turns at intersections

§4511.37 Turning in roadway prohibited

§4511.38 Starting or backing vehicles

§4511.39 Giving an appropriate signal of intention

§4511.40 Signals given by hand and arm

§4511.41 Right of way at intersections

§4511.42 Right of way when turning left

§4511.43 Response to stop or yield signs

§4511.431 Stop before driving onto a crossing sidewalk

§4511.432 Stop signs for private roads and driveways

§4511.44 Traffic on the roadway to be entered or crossed

§4511.441 Right of way to pedestrians on a sidewalk

§4511.451 Right of way to funeral procession

§4511.452 Right of way to public safety vehicle

§4511.46 Right of way to pedestrians in a crosswalk

§4511.47 Right of way to blind pedestrians

§4511.48 Pedestrians crossing at points other than crosswalks

§4511.481 Pedestrians under the influence of alcohol or drugs

§4511.49 Pedestrian movement in crosswalk

§4511.50 Pedestrians walking along roadways

§4511.511 Pedestrians on bridges or railroad crossings

§4511.53 Rules for bicycles, motorcycles, and snowmobiles

§4511.54 Attaching bicycles and sleds to vehicles

§4511.55 Place and manner of operating bicycles and motorcycles

§4511.56 Equipment of bicycles

§4511.57 Passing on left of streetcar

§4511.58 Passing a streetcar discharging passengers

§4511.59 Driving and turning in front of streetcars

§4511.60 Driving through a safety zone

§4511.61 Stop signs at grade crossings

§4511.64 Slow-moving vehicles or equipment crossing RR tracks

§4511.66 Parking on highways

§4511.661 Requirements when leaving motor vehicle unattended

§4511.68 Parking

§4511.70 Obstruction or interference with driver's view

§4511.701 Occupying trailer while in motion

§4511.71 Driving on closed highway

§4511.711 Driving on sidewalks

§4511.712 Obstructing intersection, crosswalk, or grade crossing

§4511.713 Operation of motor vehicles on bicycle paths

§4511.72 Following a public safety vehicle

§4511.73 Driving over unprotected fire hose

§4511.763 School bus license

§4511.771 School buses' flashing red and amber lights

§4511.78 Transportation of school children by mass transit

§4511.84 Wearing headphones while driving


* Note: While other traffic offenses no longer enhance speeding penalties,

speeding is a “predicate” offense for purposes of enhancing penalties for

other offenses (see Part VII A).