A Business Intelligence Web Portal for OLEIS
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This project uses business intelligence concepts to create a web portal for law enforcement officers using the Ohio Law Enfocement Information Sharing (OLEIS) record management system.

The portal is currently designed to be used for personnel within the department's intranet.

The web portal helps officers and staff get the most out of their records management system by presenting their crash, citation, case, and call record information in an easy to use internal website.

The portal can run on a web server within the department's intranet, such as Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS) or a free web server such as WAMPServer and displays real-time information from the records management system with easy to use interactive web pages.

The portal software is available at no cost and is not in any way affiliated with OLEIS or the Ohio Department of Public Safety (ODPS).

If you are interested in obtaining OLEIS, contact Jamie Doskocil at 614-752-4626 or email her at jldoskocil@dps.ohio.gov.

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