Grandview Heights / Marble Cliff Fines and Costs

331.13Backing/Starting w/o safety$108
337.29(b)(3)Bumper violation$88
331.07Center, crossing yellow line$108
331.06Center, driving left of$108
331.01(a)Center, driving left of w/o cause$108
331.05Center, driving left of w/o safety$108
331.14Changing course w/o safety$108
337.26Child restraint$85
331.26(a)Construction area, driving on street closed$108
331.37(b)Curbs, driving over$108
339.06Explosives, vehicle not marked$88
331.34Fail to control$108
371.02FTY, blind person$108
331.24(b)FTY, funeral procession$108
331.17FTY, left turn$108
331.13FTY, parked position$108
371.01(a)FTY, pedestrian in crosswalk$108
371.07FTY, pedestrian on sidewalk$108
331.22(a)FTY, private drive/alley$108
331.21(a)FTY, public safety vehicle$108
331.06(a)FTY, red flashing signal$108
331.19(a)FTY, stop sign$108
331.16(a)FTY, vehicle on right$108
331.18(a)FTY, yield sign$108
331.27(a)Fire/Emergency truck, following w/I 500'$108
331.28(a)Fire Hose, driving over$108
331.09(a)Following too Closely$108
337.19(a)Horn Required on Motor Vehicle$88
337.19(c)Horn, unnecessary use of$88
331.08Lane violations$108
335.01(a)License, operators, expired under 6 months$108
335.03License, temporary permit restriction$68
335.10(d)License Plate, expired 15 days or less$68
335.10(d)License Plate, expired more than 15 days$88
335.09(a)License Plate, display/not securely fastened$68
335.10(b)License Plate, of former owner$88
337.04(b)License Plate, illumination required$68
335.09(a)License Plate, obstructed view$68
337.14Lights, fail to dim$88
337.11Lights, more than one spotlight/illegal use of$88
337.03(b)Lights, one headlight required for motorcycle$88
337.04(a)Lights, one red taillight required$88
337.16(d)Lights, red flasher on front prohibited$88
337.02(a)Lights, two headlights required/night season for MV$88
337.03(a)Lights, two headlights required for motor vehicle$88
339.08Load, dropping/leaking/tracking mud$108
337.23Load, extended 6" to left side$88
337.08Load, extended to rear 4' w/o flag$88
339.9Load, shifting/loose$88
337.21Mirror, required/obstructed$88
373.02(g)Motorcycle, handlebars above shoulders$108
373.02(h)(1)Motorcycle, helmet/eye protection required$108
373.04Motorcycle, more than two abreast$108
373.02(b)Motorcycle, operator/passenger seats required$108
337.20(a)Muffler, in good order required$88
331.33Obstructing Intersection/Crosswalk/Railroad Crossing$108
331.3One Way Street, wrong way$108
311.02Parades/Assemblages, illegal w/o permit$98
331.42(a)Parks, playgrounds, private lots: operation on$108
331.31Parkway Divider, driving across/wrong side$108
331.04(b)Passing on Right, when prohibited$108
371.01(d)Passing Vehicle, must yield to pedestrian$108
311.01(a),(d)Placing Injurious Material/obstruction in street$98
331.39(b)Railroad Crossing Gates, disregarded$108
331.39(a)(1)Railroad Crossing Signal, fail to stop$108
333.09Reckless Operation (w/o due regard)$108
337.05Reflectors, rear red required for MV$88
371.06(c)Riding on Outside of Motor Vehicle (permitting)$108
331.38(e)School Bus, improper operation of$108
337.27(b)(1)Seat Belt, failure to wear/driver$40
337.27(b)(2)Seat Belt, failure to wear/passenger$30
331.37(a)Sidewalk, driving on$108
331.14Signals, improper before changing course$108
331.15Signals, improper hand/arm$108
337.19(b)Siren/Whistle/Bell/P.A. devise prohibited$88
333.04(a)Speed, impeding flow$108
331.13Starting/Backing w/o safety$108
331.19Stop Sign, disregarded$108
331.36Tires, squealing/unnecessary noise$108
339.11(b)Tires, studded/illegal season$88
339.07Towing of vehicle, improper$108
311.01(c)Tow Truck, fail to clean street$88
331.41Traffic Control Devices, avoiding/shortcutting$108
313.01(a)Traffic Signal, failure to stop on red$108
313.03(f)(1)Traffic Signal, stop on red when flashing$108
339.05Trucks, mud flaps required$88
339.04Trucks, route & load information required$88
339.02(a)Trucks, thru truck violation$108
331.10(a)Turn, left, improper at intersection$108
331.11(a)Turn, left, improper into private drive, lot$108
331.10(a)(4)Turn, left/right where prohibited by signs$108
331.10(a)Turn, right, improper at intersection$108
331.11(a)(1)Turn, right, improper into private drive, lot$108
313.03(c)Turn, right on red prohibited/w/o stopping$108
331.14Turn w/safety required$108
331.12Turn, "U" prohibited$108
313.07(a)Unauthorized Signs/Signals, hiding from view$88
337.01(a)Unsafe Vehicle$108
337.22(b)(1)View, non-transparent material, front/side/rear windows$88
331.25View, obstructed by load/passengers$88
337.28(a)(1)Window Tint$88
337.22(c)Windshield Wipers Required$88
335.12Accident-on roadway, fail to stop/reportM-1
335.13Accident-off roadway, fail to stop/reportM-1
335.14Accident-real property damage, fail to stop/reportM-1
313.08(a)(1)Alteration/Injury/Removal of Traffic DevicesM-3
333.07Drag RacingM-1
303.02(b)Fail to Comply with Order of Crossing GuardMM
303.02(a)Fail to Comply with Order of FiremanMM
303.01(a)Fail to Comply with Order of Police OfficerM-1
303.01(b)Fleeing or Eluding Police OfficerM-1
335.07License, driving under suspension/restrictionM-1
335.06License, fail to displayUM
335.04License, fictitious/belonging to anotherM-1
335.01(a)(2)License, motorcycle endorsement requiredM-1
335.01(a)(1)License, operators, requiredM-1
335.05License, permitting operation withoutUM
335.02(b)License, possession of more than oneUM
335.07(a)License, restrictions, operation in violation ofM-1
335.11(c)License Plate, fail to transfer (30 days)M-4
335.11(a)(1)License Plate, fictitiousM-4
333.01(a)OVI, drunk drivingM-1
333.01(d)OVI, physical controlM-1
333.01(b)OVI, underageM-4
311.01(e)Placing Injurious Material in Street/Intent to HarmM-1
333.02Reckless Operation of Motor Vehicle (willful & wanton)M-2
331.38(a)School Bus, fail to stop for, loading/unloadingUM
335.08Title for Vehicle, improperUM
303.09(a)Abandoned Vehicle over 72 hours$50
351.11Alley Blocked (under 12' clearance)$50
351.07Brakes Not Set$50
351.1Bus Stop, parking in$50
351.03(a)(11)Construction/Excavation, parking beside$50
351.03(a)(5)Crosswalk, blocking$50
351.03(a)(6)Crosswalk, parked within 20'$50
351.06(a)(1)Display for Sale$50
351.03(a)(12)Double Parking$50
351.03(a)(2)Drive Blocked (within 5')$50
351.07Engine Running, unattended$50
351.04(a)Excessive Distance from Curb (12")$50
351.03(a)(4)Fire Hydrant (within 10')$50
351.03(a)(14)Fire Lane on Public Property$50
351.17Fire Lane on Private Property$50
351.11Garage Blocked$50
351.04(f)Handicapped Parking Area$250
351.07Key in Ignition$50
335.10(d)License Plate, expired$50
351.14Lots and Lands - parking on$50
351.03(a)(1)On Parkway Divider$50
351.08Open Vehicle Door Towards Traffic$50
351.15Overtime, 24 hours$50
351.16Overtime, 2 hours (truck, trailer, rec. vehicle)$50
351.09Overtime, loading zone$50
351.2Permit Parking Only$50
351.13Private Property, signs posted$50
351.06(a)(2)Repairing Motor Vehicle on Street$50
355.03Residential Parking Area$50
351.03(a)(1)Sidewalk, Curb, Parking On/Between$50
351.03(a)(14)Signs Prohibiting, curbs painted yellow/overtime$50
351.03(a)(7)Stop Sign, Signal/parked within 30'$50
351.03(a)(15)Within 1' of Another Vehicle$50
351.03(a)(9)Within 50' of Railroad Crossing$50
351.03(a)(3)Within Intersection$50
351.04(c)Wrong Side$50

521.03Abandoned, Excavation$108
529.08Alcohol, After Hours Sale/Consumption$108
529.05Alcohol Sale, permit required$108
505.07Animals, excessive noise$68
505.05Animals Fecal Matter, fail to dispose of$68
505.06Animals, prohibited by signs$68
505.04Animals, running at large$68
509.08(a)Curfew Violation$68
521.07Fences, prohibitions$108
549.09Fireworks, display permit required$68
549.08Fireworks, possession of$68
557.05Home Sale, fail to remove signs$68
557.06Home Sale, illegal merchandise$68
557.04Home Sale, illegal signs$68
557.02Home Sale, permit required$68
525.14Law Enforcement Emblem, improper display$68
521.1Nonsmoking Prohibition$68
521.05Notice to Fill Lots$68
521.11Noxious Weeds$88
529.07Open Container, public place$88
541.08Pamphlet Distribution$68
553.02Railroad Cars, climbing on$88
553.05Railroads, sounding whistles, horns, bells$88
521.06Sidewalk, fail to clear$68
521.04Sidewalk, obstructions, damage$108
  1. If citation is written for more than one payable offense, defendant must call court to find out total amount due.
  2. Nothing in this ‘schedule of fines’ has any effect on the degree of misdemeanor the officer would otherwise charge a defendant,
  3. Non-moving violations do not increase in fine amount even with priors.
  4. Nothing in this "schedule of fines" has any effect on the degree of misdemeanor the officer would otherwise charge a defendant. i.e., although some moving offenses do not increase the degree of the fine, the amount of the fine may still be increased if they have a prior moving, even if it is not on the Predicate Traffic Offenses list.

*Any General Offense not listed requires a court appearance.